Selecting the right electrical contractor for your project can be daunting; you’re putting a lot of faith in a company you may not know.
At Smart Space Electrical, we aim to remove any uncertainty from the process.

From large corporate headquarters to small, single location shops, the team at Smart Space Electrical is equipped to handle any and all commercial electrical projects. And, with over 65 years’ combined experience in Queensland, we have a long heritage of satisfied customers and award-winning projects.

With Smart Space Electrical, you are in safe, reliable and efficient hands.


From planning and design through to the supply of light fittings and installation, the team at Smart Space Electrical can cover all of your commercial lighting needs, including architectural and landscape lighting, and large-scale lighting control systems.

Testing & Tagging

Ensure your facility is safe for users as well as compliant with the law. Smart Space Electrical offers extensive test and tag services that will leave you protected.

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lighting is an important (and legal) part of every commercial facility. Smart Space Electrical can make sure all of your emergency and exit lighting is operational for when you need it most.

Solar & Energy Management

Offset some operational costs through the introduction of solar panels in your business and monitor their efficacy for the best return on your investment.

Commercial Fitouts & Scheduled Maintenance

Thanks to its many years’ experience in the commercial electrical industry, Smart Space Electrical understands the unique requirements of commercial entities and can offer regular and timely scheduled maintenance plans.

Power Points / GPOs

The position of power points in commercial premises is of utmost importance. It can dictate everything from the position and number of desks in an office environment through to the efficacy of a boardroom. Let us help you plan a facility around your unique needs.

Data Cabling & Infrastructure

In today’s climate, poor cabling infrastructure and internet access would cripple any business of any size. The Smart Space Electrical consists of highly-qualified and certified cablers and technicians, helping our clients to be - and remain - connected.

Boardroom Fitouts

A company’s boardroom is often the most important room in the facility. Smart Space Electrical can tailor a boardroom around your company’s unique needs, from presentation systems to conferencing systems, incorporate modern technologies and help you to impress potential clients.

RCD Testing / Upgrades

With companies relying on technology and computers to operate, you need to ensure you are protected from any and all electrical ‘events’, like black/brownouts and surges. Smart Space Electrical can test your RCDs/safety switches and repair or upgrade any that require it.

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